Capturing the sun’s energy to power your home or business may be the best financial investment you make.
electrician installing solar panels

Solar for your home

With the price of electricity soaring, people are switching to solar to reduce their energy costs. A solar system will generate free electricity from the sun for you to use around your home  while contributing to a cleaner environment.

We are qualified to calculate your energy needs and design a system for your home with realistic payback periods on your system.

Our highly trained and accredited staff will carry out the initial consult through to the completion of the installation and have your investment working for you.

Solar for your business

The threat of continued electricity price rises poses significant challenges for business.

A solar system can be one way of reducing your energy costs significantly and free up funds to reinvest into other aspects of your business, especially for daytime traders.

Our experts will collect energy usage data to get insight to each your individual power demands to design a system to get the maximum returns.

Our team will complete the installation  and provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

commercial solar installation
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Maintenance & Repairs

Solar system maintenance will ensure your system continues to operate at its maximum potential and provide you with the greatest return on your investment. It’s like getting a tune up for your car.

Over time your system could fail, missing the electricity you would normally generate.

Our experts are accredited by the Clean Energy Council to install solar, so are fully aware of what is required to complete the necessary repairs so that you are producing power once again.

Battery Backup

A solar system’s maximum energy output occurs when sunlight is at its peak, but this isn’t always when a home or workplace can utilise the energy generated and so any excess power is fed back to the grid with little return.

A battery can give you back the control with options to store, monitor and manage the energy your system produces. When the grid goes down and the power’s out, your home or workplace can still be powered. Storage is the next stage in the solar revolution.

Talk with our expert staff to see how we can make your energy generated work for you.

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electrician cleaning solar panels


Cleaning your solar panels helps ensure your system continues to generate maximum electricity.

While sufficient rainfall generally cleans the panels naturally, factors such as dry seasons, dusty areas, annoying bird droppings and the pitch of the panel installation requires human intervention to maintain a clean surface.

Allowing dirt and debris to accumulate over time reduces the efficiency of the system generation.

We use a specially designed de-ionized water treated solar cleaning system which leaves your panels spot free and ready to generate maximum power.

Go Solar

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