Heating & Cooling

split system airconditioner

Split System Airconditioners

With our diverse climate, split systems deliver excellent cooling during the warmer months and easy warmth when the temperature drops.

They are a cost-effective choice, and are equipped with air purifying filters to keep allergies at bay, making them perfect for any home or workplace.

We can size up a system to best suit your needs and keep you comfortable, whatever the season.

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can create an economical, yet comfortable environment in your home all year round, without sacrificing on style.

Ceiling fans can be used around your home to create a cost-effective solution to cool your space.

Ash Monty Electrical is ready to provide you with professional ceiling fan installation.

ceiling fans
outdoor heating

Outdoor Heating

Entertaining is now a year-round possibility thanks to heating designed to keep your outdoor area warm and toasty, even in the middle of winter.

Timer controls can be installed to save on energy costs.

We can design a layout to keep you and your guests warm while entertaining.

Bathroom Heaters

A 3-in-1 bathroom heater, fan and light offers the ideal solution for your bathroom, where instant warmth and comfort are essential.

Including an LED for cost-effective lighting, built-in heater for the cooler months, and an exhaust fan to remove excess moisture from the air.

At Ash Monty Electrical we can easily supply, install and repair a large range of lighting and heating products to make your bathroom more efficient and effective.

bathroom heater
air transfer heating or cooling

Air Transfer Heating or Cooling

Air transfers systems are an efficient way to heat or cool multiple rooms around your home utilising one source.

A room with a strong heat/cooling source such as a fireplace can be dispersed into other rooms in the house by drawing excess heat from the ceiling using an inline exhaust, then transferring the warmth through vents in the destination rooms.

Talk to our expert staff to see how we can help design an air transfer solution to keep your area warm and toasty, even in the middle of winter.

Timer controls can be installed to save on energy costs.

Air Conditioner Repairs & Service

Your air conditioner is no different to your car!

It needs regular servicing to keep it performing at it’s best and to avoid inconvenient breakdowns when you need it the most.

Whilst our maintenance is designed to reduce any breakdowns, should one occur you can be assured that it will be repaired promptly.

Our expert team will ensure that all repairs are carried out fast and we will have your air conditioning back up and running as soon as possible.

emergency exit light on wall

If you are considering installing or upgrading the heating and cooling around your home or office, contact Ash Monty Electrical for a free, no obligation quote.