Commercial & Industrial Solutions

electrician contractor fitting an industrial light

Commercial Lighting

Ash Monty Electrical can take care of all your lighting requirements, including new installations of downlights, spotlights, LED High Bays and upgrades to existing lighting.

Providing services to a diverse range of businesses for retail, industrial, property management and a host of other applications, we can design and install a lighting solution to meet individual specifications and requirements.

We have a wide range of high-quality LED lighting for energy efficient solutions that will reduce your carbon footprint, but ultimately save money and energy.

Emergency & Exit Lighting

Emergency and exit lighting provide a critical purpose to commercial and industrial properties to meet the requirements for WH&S standards.

The main purpose of exit lights is to aid occupants out of a building in the case of an emergency.

Emergency backup lighting assists the occupants to identify a clear pathway for a safe and fast exit from a building.

Businesses are obligated to have routine checks every six months under Australian standards. Our technicians can assist with ongoing testing to ensure the safety of your staff and clients.

emergency exit light above door
electrical services safety testing equipment

Test & Tag Service

Ash Monty Electrical provides a Test and Tag service to residential and commercial/industrial clients to ensure all appliances are safe from electrical faults, and comply with current electrical standards.

Having your appliances tested regularly gives you peace of mind and reassurance that you are keeping your home or business safe from potential hazards or accidents.

We come to your workplace or home at a time convenient for you, to do the work with minimal disruption, and we provide a detailed report.

RCD Testing

RCD’s (Residual Current Devices), also known as safety switches, are important safety devices that can save lives but only if they are working and respond to a fault situation within the required time.

Our local technicians can test your RCD/safety switches trip time using specialised equipment.

RCD residual current device safety switch

Our staff at Ash Monty Electrical are fully trained and qualified to handle any and all electrical, RCD and appliance testing, and are licensed to provide same day and on site repairs to keep you going.